Houserville Community Garden

Houserville Community Garden

Request a Plot

Thanks for your interest in gardening at the Houserville Community Garden! We are currently full and accepting applications for the waiting list only.

In case you missed the basic details posted elsewhere on this site, the garden is hosted by Houserville UMC House of Hope at 1320 Houserville Road in State College and is steered by a volunteer committee of mostly non-affiliated neighbors. All are welcome to garden here regardless of religious affiliation.

All twenty 10 × 15' plots available for 2022 have been claimed. Plot requests are still being accepted for the waiting list.

Dues are $35. (This year, $25 of that is refundable at the end of the year provided you keep to the rules.) Plots are assigned as soon as possible after payment is received. Plots are open for cultivation as soon they are assigned.

To request a plot, please:

  1. read the rules of conduct, and
  2. complete the secure form below.

After that, a member of the garden steering committee will contact you via email about whether your request was granted or denied and about how to pay dues. If your request is granted, dues will be expected to be paid within a week of notification. If you have any questions, please direct them to current committee chair Scott Stilson.

If you’re a returning member-gardener, would you like the same plot(s) you had last year?

Do you intend to hew as closely as you can to the basics of USDA Organic production standards?

Would you like to be placed on a waiting list if your request is denied?

Please read and agree with the statements below:

I have read and understand the Houserville Community Garden rules of conduct. I agree to follow them and to forfeit my plot and dues if I do not follow them. I also understand that I must attend the spring work day if my request for a plot is approved.