Houserville Community Garden

Houserville Community Garden

Grow vegetables or flowers in your own plot at a gardener-directed, dues-supported, charity-minded neighborhood garden near State College, PA.

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With all twenty plots full, applying now will put you on the waiting list.Apply

Read the rules

Curious about our community garden regs and how we enforce them? We have developed a list of rules, including some provisional ones for the time of COVID-19, along with three enforcement steps. Read the rules.

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Understand the org

Interested in the community garden’s history, organizational structure, institutional affiliations, and oversight? Learn more.

Explore charity

Stumped about how to fulfill the 10% donation requirement? Veteran member-gardeners have some ideas. Explore charitable ideas.

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Need to contact another member-gardener but don’t have their details? See the plot directory on Google Drive. (For current member-gardeners only.)

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